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The BForever project Marcello Manna

The BForever project.

As we has to renovate our website, we opened this section to feed the debate on transparency and information on diamond.

When we started this project, we ask ourselves a question: how we can innovate our market?

The idea was to open up the market to lovers and fans who already consider diamond as the ultimate expression of nature to create exceptional raw materials. The founder, Marcello Manna, try to mix reputed diamantaires – each with its own origin, language and religion – working in different positions in the diamond industry and each one with his own point of view about “how” to innovate and offer an exclusive service.

Today, diamond industry consider us a place where to talk about a greater transparency and more information, to found a public list of prices on which trade second-hand diamonds also, to open to everyone online platforms…in a word: lead new customers by eliminating the secrets that have clouded the opportunities hidden in this miracle of nature.

For too many years, our market has been dominated by the opacity and disinformation between buyer and seller with the result that today we have a lot of websites that sell diamonds at lowest price of the market “destroying” all professional figures in diamond supply chain.

Now it’s not possible ignore the new challenges of the market without innovating services and without any general or specific skills.

Someone could argue that we did it just for money to arrive to final consumer, but it isn’t true!

Passion, competence, amusement…We are pride to see thriving and growing our own project and inspiring continually confidence in our aware customers which springs the most powerful positive energy that a man can know!

No, it isn’t for money to reinvest every year almost 90% of the profits in our company, without ask bank credit, to innovate and develop new systems to enable the most valuable raw material in the world to be rightly known by everyone…welcome to the future!

Antwerp, February 2, 2016

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