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The diamond quotes: our prices!

We were among the few B2C companies to buy and sell diamonds referring at the Rapaport diamond price list. Diamond industry is moving toward a great revolution of transparency and we adopt this pricing policy from the foundation of the company. Our long-term target is to create a market-place where buyers and sellers could match their diamonds at market prices.

Here, we are not stressed by inventory or sales budgets to respect. Our customers – buyers or sellers – can exploit our deep knowledge and our skilled experience of diamond market to sell or choose and buy the best opportunities available on the diamond market.

Our diamonds, certified by leading gemological laboratories such as GIA, AGS, IGI and HRD, have their own laser inscription to associate them to their certificate and they are served by our patented sealing Certicard® warranty that guarantees you the correspondence between certificate and diamond. They are also ethical guaranteed “Conflict Free” under the UN Protocol – Kimberley Process Scheme.

Compare our services and our prices, we are sure you will not find any company that offers a such high level service at the lowest price of the market, because only here you can:

• buy any kind of diamond shape, clarity and color at the official diamond list price with certificate and warranty;

• buy Made To Measure Diamonds through our personal advice;

• buy exclusive BFOREVER® diamonds;

• check the value of your diamonds 24h/24 where you can just click to order to sell.

But, if you want to sell your diamonds?

Making reference to an official market price list, we are always able to answer you at this question, due to the chance to check 24h/24 the value of your purchase.

Today there are many companies on the market who improvise the sale of so-called “investment diamonds” at exorbitant prices inducing the unlucky customers to believe that there are special categories of “investment grade diamonds” with a guaranteed gain, penalizing the resale with extra fees.

We are among the most active buyers of diamonds from private people, solving many problems for those looking to quickly liquidate their second-hand diamonds and also not purchased here.

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