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The most precious commodity in the world

Welcome to the future, you can discover the diamond world in absolute transparency and designed only for you…just now!

Why diamonds?

They are the most precious commodity. Even Warren Buffet has never regretted having bought diamonds because they are a good investment..

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What we do

Understand before you buy, know before you sell ... to allow you to appreciate the most valuable material in the world, without any false promise of returns or earnings!



Customer awareness

Be aware before buying! Each action requires information and learning. Transparency is an obligation for all of us! Our first target is obtain informed and advised customers, because only if you know advantages and inconveniences you will do the right choose. Showing you the diamond market and explaining clearly the mechanisms regulating prices, you can profit by considering diamond as the most precious hard asset in the world.

Even if you want buy only to realize a jewel!

To disclose and develop the knowledge of the most valuable material in the world we created the first free web channel to learn more on the diamond market.



Tailored solutions

Our opinions and advices are based on our experiences and the observation of the past. Here, nothing is designed to lead you to believe that buying or selling a diamond might be the solution to preserve your savings and we do not offer any financial product or other solution with guaranteed gains. Our expertise and knowledge are given for your education to buy or sell diamonds and we suggest you to consult your own professional legal, tax and accounting advisor before any your decision to purchase or sale of diamonds.



Our exclusive systems


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The real diamond quotes

We offer the best prices of the market because we sell at the Rapaport Diamond Report pricesthe reference price list used in diamond trading. When you will choice between our services you will be sure to buy at official list price with the chance to check online 24h/24 your diamond value.

All our diamonds are certified by the best gemological institutes, sealed in a patented secured box, laser engraved and guaranteed ethical “Conflict Free” in accordance with the provisions of the UN Protocol – Kimberley Process Scheme.



Updated value 24h/24

We are able to sell any diamond even if NOT bought through our services. Your diamonds will be offered through all trade channels in our disposal. Please, visit our page where we describe the procedure to solve your problem and sell your diamond.



Always updated!

The diamond market is strongly changing and internet was a revolution both for low prices both for new buying opportunities. Our guidelines are transparency and correct information to exalt our professionalism and honor the trust of our customers. If you subscribe our free newsletter you will be updated about diamond prices, you will receive confidential reports from the market and you will be informed about the best market’s opportunities.

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