Investment Diamond Company


When the project of this company started, we did to ourselves a question: where we want to go and how we want to go?
The basic idea was to open a market for people who look not only to the beauty of a diamond. The two founders – each with its own origin, language and religion – occupied different positions in the diamond trade industry and each had its point of view on how to innovate and offer an exclusive service. Today, after some years, we are happy for the choices made, because now the world diamond discusses openly about transparency and efficiency need, to provide a public list of prices on which to base purchases and sales also of second-hand diamonds, expand access to online platforms … in a word: bringing people by eliminating the secrets that made the fortune of the past diamond merchants.
For too many years the market has been dominated by the opacity and information asymmetry between buyer and seller and there was also clear that this breakthrough was not possible to carry it through the jewelers-retailers who for too long have ignored innovation in services and knowledge.
We could argue that we did it just for money, but it’s not!
The passion, the taste, the enjoyment that we experience in our job every day, have directed and directing all our choices.
See to grow proudly our own idea and continually inspire confidence in our clients – that before to receive their diamonds must send their money – which triggers the most powerful positive energy that a man can know!
No, it’s not thirst for money to reinvest every year 80% of the profits in your business to innovate products and develop new services that enable the most valuable commodity in the world to be known by all people, that’s why we give to all of you … welcome in the future of investing in diamonds!

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