Investment Diamond Company

Made To Measure Diamonds

MadeToMeasure Diamonds was created to help investors to identify the best investment solution out of 16,000 categories of diamonds. This buying solution goes towards building a portfolio based on customer’s expectations: the main conditions for obtaining future performance and ensure the liquidity of diamond. Our transparent approach let you buy only after to be informed and aware about purchasing diamonds.

To access this service, the minimum purchase is € 500.000.

That’s why we offer also the opportunity to buy diamonds without physical possession they will be stored in highly secured vaults of the Swiss Free Port in Geneva, outside the banking system and with all-risk insurance included.

The most important sales are often carried out by customers not really interested in the physical possession of the diamonds.

These buyers are attracted only by the potential to realize gains through this commodity.

All investors choosing this solution, have the great advantage of NOT paying VAT; we offer, not only the lowest commission rates upon purchase and sale, but a VAT free purchase without submitting profits to the taxation of capital-gain.

After the purchase, customers can always check their portfolio value in the private area of our website, where with just a click it will be enough to give us the notice to sell.

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