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What we do

Diamond could be a safe haven, but in a diamond exchange are traded over 16,000 quality categories and each one with its own price, so how do you choose the right quality for you considering its price trend?

There is not one quality with one price as it happens for gold. Each diamond category has its price…so to buy or sell diamonds you need a professional advice to guide you: and here we are!

Tears or shooting stars?
The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were fragments of stars fallen to Earth, while others said they were tears of Gods.

We buy and sell diamonds without a stock to sell or a budget to respect, by offering you an independent advice always supported by reserved reports and market news to let you discover diamond market dynamics to choose the best suitable diamond for you at the best market price.

To disclose and develop the knowledge of the most valuable material in the world we created the first free web channel to learn more on the diamond market.

If you are looking for the “investment grade diamonds”, you are in the wrong place!

This special category of diamond does not exist. If you compare their prices with our prices, you’ll immediately understand what we mean…

Think about it: if we had guaranteed returns from the price of diamonds, they could easily keep for ourselves, without sharing them with you…what do you think?

After we introduced – first in the world – the opportunity to buy diamonds at the Rapaport list price, you can now use our exclusive systems – Made To Measure Diamonds and BFOREVER® – to make the most precious commodity of the world a real possibility of investment through our catalog offering diamonds from € 1,000.

Buying diamonds with an eye to price trend, doesn’t mean that you cannot realize a jewel!

About an half of our customers are using the diamonds purchased creating jewels that they have always dreamed, handcrafted by the better jewelers (service upon request).

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