Investment Diamond Company


If you do not choose to join the MadeToMeasure Diamonds service, we have created for you a “do it yourself” purchasing program.

BFOREVER® is the first service in the world to choose and physically buy diamonds selected for you with the logic and the accuracy of a financial instrument only from € 1.000.

Our team has used the latest techniques to analyze and show the historical price trends in 3 main categories (called baskets), allowing you to choose your safe haven suited to your profile.

The data presented in our statistics are absolutely verified and verifiable and they will give you the information you need in order to choose diamonds that are classified by performance, degree of risk and degree of liquidity … and always offered at the best market prices!

Moreover, only our customers can physically own the diamonds and verify the market value of their portfolio in the private area of ​​our website, where a simple click is enough to give the order to sell diamonds .

BFOREVER® diamonds are offered in 3 different baskets:


Minimum purchase € 1.000


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