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Passion, Respect, Trust, these are our criteria for classifying our job, co-workers, investors and our life.

We don’t have other values ​​than these guidelines that inspire our lives. The control of external operations is instead based on the Kimberley Process Scheme (KPCS): an agreement to ensure that the profits from the diamond trade are not used to finance civil wars.

The agreement was finalized and approved by the joint efforts of the governments of many countries, the multinational producers of diamonds, and civil society.

Its origin dates back to May 2000, when a conference in Kimberley, South Africa, discussed the link between production of diamonds and conflicts in the countries of origin. In July of the same year, it was established in Antwerp the World Diamond Council by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association: following and keeping the criteria of the Conference of Kimberley, the WDC will develop a system controls the transparency of the international market for rough diamonds.

In December 2000 the General Assembly of the United Nations urged the creation of a scheme that would allow to certify the origin of diamonds from exporters not financing civil wars. Between 4 and 5 November 2002, after many meetings aimed at defining the general criteria and the minimum requirements of the process, 37 were in Interlaken signed an agreement for the implementation of a certification system in the movement of rough diamonds; the agreement also attended the WDC and the multinationals involved in the mining, trade and sale, such as De Beers.

The requirements that a state must meet in order to participate in the certification scheme are as follows:

  1. diamonds from the country is not used to finance rebel groups or other organizations that aim to overthrow the government recognized by the United Nations;
  2. every diamond export be accompanied by a certificate providing evidence that the scheme of the Kimberley Process;
  3. no diamond is imported from, or exported to, a non-member of the Kimberley Process

Write us to know how to ensure the ethical nature of the supply chain of a diamond.

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