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Any demand market trend analysis can not ignore today the demand coming from new markets and it cannot avoid to consider new consumers in (former) emerging countries. Most citizens of industrialized countries imagine these new customers as a group of ignorant people who travel the world with their pockets full of cash ready to be captured by civilized western sellers, but it is not!

Their behavior – never forgetting the big impact of the U.S. market in diamond analisys – influences marketing strategies in all retail sectors, especially during last years.

The strength and the quality of demand from USA, China and India has definitely changed the diamond market in recent years. We are used to receive extremely good news from emerging markets and we are troubled when economic growth miss the best forecasts.

If you also buy diamond for investment, you can not ignore these conditions that are leading the diamond market in two categories: diamonds required and diamond not required from these markets!

Even if we have thousands of diamond qualities, those required by jewelry industry for new markets have sustained demand and they are champions of positive performance, while the categories that are not used in these markets have generally lost value.

According to the data of a benchmark in the industry, the PolishedPriceIndex, there is a generally performance in US dollars, but with so many distinctions within the individual categories.

The so-called medium-low quality defined “commercial” – take a look to BForever Opportunity trend – are very performing, while the best quality (IF-VVS) are penalized in the prices with very few exceptions take a look to BForever High Quality trend.

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