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How to invest in diamonds


When you invest in diamonds, you have to consider the purchase-price and liquidity of the asset.

More brokers you will add in your purchase and more you will go away from the fair value, with the consequent difficulties to take advantage of the positive performance.

To avoid imposing excessive fees and costs on your alternative diversification in diamonds, which would reflect negatively on the fair value, you must place much attention to the purchasing price.

A new commercial phenomenon are the “investment diamonds” offered by commercial companies connected to banks with the unreal “investment grade” quality, giving you the impression of a special quality in the world of diamonds. If you buy diamonds through other channels, you will realize that you are buying at a higher price on average by + 50% to + 300% compared to our prices. Without mentioning that, if that companies will decide to leave the service of the sale of diamonds, you will be “out of the market” and it would be impossible for you to sell diamonds on real market.

The second factor is the “liquidity” of diamonds.

The demand for diamonds is related to the demand of jewelry that is influenced by market and increasingly by new consumers demand in emerging countries. Our advisory holds in high regard the dynamics of consumer behavior and jewelry market forecasts for the coming years, to build your portfolio in diamonds and adapt it to your expectations. As in the financial market there are hundreds of thousands of products, also in the world of diamonds there are thousands of categories each one has its own price and its own degree of liquidity.

To better understand the concept: if you suppose to invest in real estate, we have in mind the different characteristics between a little apartment in the city center and a large and prestigious penthouse in a residential area.

Well, even in the world of diamonds can choose to buy a category very demanded by the market and very liquid, or a category of rare diamonds not required by the market and then less liquid at a more convenient price…

Even for us it is very hard to forecast the single quality price that will gain in the coming years, that’s why we have created services as BFOREVER® and MTM Made To Measure® according to its own profile and gain expectations.

Write us to get a diamond portfolio according to your profile:

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