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Cut: the most important parameter to classify a diamond. If we set 100 as total price of a diamond, the cut cover 40% of the total, while the other 3 factors (Clarity, Color and Carat) affect each for 20%. 

For “cut” we mean the technical process used to bring out the best characteristics of brilliance, fire and “life” of gem (eg. Brilliant cut). And “Shape” describe the geometrical design below to cut the stone: round, drop, heart, square … the brilliant cut round shape is the most developed and known, so much so that the word “brilliant” is used incorrectly as a synonym for diamond . To classify the Cut of a diamond we refer to the proportions (Cut Grade), the polishing of surface (Polish) and the symmetry of facets (Symmetry), using as degrees “Excellent”, “Very Good”, “Good” … down to the lowest ” Poor. ”

The highest degree of quality for a polished diamond is the Triple Excellent (3EX) for which each parameter was found at the top of the category.

Particular precision alignment of the facets of a round brilliant cut diamond can give rise to the phenomenon “Hearts & Arrows”. Definitions cutting style Antwerp, Amsterdam, Russian, … are terms that have no gemological sense. When a diamond is properly cut, following the geometric proportions ideals developed in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky, the amount of light entering from the top of the stone is refracted in the seven colors of the spectrum of visible light within the diamond from one facet to another and then reflected through the top of the stone in the direction of the observer. The behavior of light inside a diamond (about 125,000 km / sec) is the main element that allows an expert to classify the cut of a diamond. When there are “losses” during the trip of the light within the diamond, it means that the stone was not well cut and the result will be a dark stone or a transparent stone.

For fancy shaped diamonds (pear, heart, marquise, square, emerald …) the quality of the cut affects the final price up to 50% of the total value of the diamond.

It is easy to understand that, in case of purchase of a diamond, the first caution is to be care about the quality of cut grade that must be based on a genuine and recognized gemological report or certificate.

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