Investment Diamond Company

A value that comes from so far


4.5 million years ago Planet Earth was born

1 billion years ago They are in the first chimneys diamondiferous

800 A.C. They are discovered fields in India

327 A.C. Alexander the Great get in Europe the first diamonds

100 A.D. Pliny the Eldest describes the diamonds in his Naturalis Historia

1074 They are used for the first time in the crown of a queen Magyar

1314 First transport document of diamonds from Venice to Bruges

1447 Experiments were carried out in Antwerp polishing two diamonds

1460 It was founded the first commodity exchange in the world in Antwerp

1475 Invented the diamond machine to polish in Antwerp

1477 Archduke Maximilian offers a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy

1700 The export of diamonds from India reaches its peak

1725 Discovery of the first deposits in Brazil

1867 Discovery in South Africa diamond named Eureka

1888 Foundation of De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited

1905 Premier Mine is recovered “Cullinan” the largest diamond in the world

1919 Tolkowsky creates the modern round brilliant cut

1948 Was created the famous slogan “A diamond is forever”

1955 Discovery the first deposits in Siberia

1978 Diamond were used for windows of space probes

2002 The Kimberley Process Certificate

2008 Diamond cutting places move to South Africa

2009 De Beers moves rough sorting from London to Gaborone (Botswana)

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